Your Comprehensive Bibliographic Resource for Measurement Tools and Instruments

Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI): HaPI is a bibliographic database that contains over 200,000 records providing comprehensive, accurate information about measurement tools and instruments across diverse disciplines and professions.

The HaPI bibliographic database enables our database patrons to enhance the quality of the measurement tools and instruments used in their investigations and explorations in the fields of medicine, nursing, public health, psychology, social work, communication, and sociology.

How The HaPI Database Can Benefit You:

Behavioral Measurement Database Services (BMDS) seeks to share information about measurement tools used in research, teaching, and administration. Listed below are just a few examples of how HaPI can meet your needs:

  • Faculty and Researchers can locate measurement instruments for research studies, journal articles, grant proposals, and consulting activities.
  • Students can access measures for papers, research projects, theses, and dissertations, enhancing the learning experience and helping them to identify relevant measurement tools.
  • Librarians and Information Specialists can find measurement information that cuts across disciplines/professions to serve the many diverse users who consult them.
  • Clinicians/Practitioners can identify measurement instruments to assess client/patient problems and outcomes.
  • Employers/Administrators/Managers can locate instruments for applicant selection, employee placement, classification, training, and organizational behavior.
  • Authors can track the use of their measures by others in diverse fields. If requested, HaPI keeps authors informed about the variety of samples to whom their measures have been administered and the settings in which these other investigations were conducted.

We also distribute a number of selected instruments in the health sciences and psychosocial sciences fields. Our database content is updated quarterly.

Types of Instruments:

We collect all types of measurement instruments, including: Checklists, Indexes, Interviews, Projective Techniques, Questionnaires, Rating Scales, Surveys, Tasks, Tests, and Vignettes/Scenarios.

Database Sources:

The HaPI database is based on published studies from peer-reviewed scholarly journals, books, technical reports, and test publishers’ catalogs.

Descriptive Information Provided:

Each record includes: Title, Acronym, Authors, Language, Index Terms, and References. Some records also contain Abstracts, Sample Items, Number of Questions, Subscales, Reliability, and other information.

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HaPI is available from your library through EBSCO or OvidSP.

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