For further information regarding the database or measurement, or general questions, please contact:

Evelyn Perloff, PhD, President

Behavioral Measurement Database Services
PO Box 110287
Pittsburgh, PA 15232-0787
Phone: 412-687-6850

For business-related inquiries or subscribing information, please contact Peter Joyce at

For questions about specific instruments or help navigating the database, please contact Kelsey Sandbothe at

For instrument retrieval (subscription required) or to submit your instrument to HaPI, please contact Diane Cadwell at


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Evelyn Perloff, PhD


Linda Perloff, PhD

VIce President

Diane Cadwell, BA

Business Services Contractor

Kelsey Sandbothe, MLIS

Research Librarian/Office Manager

Robert Nardiello, MLIS

Information Technology/Research Librarian

Hector Portugal, MD


Peter Joyce, MA

Marketing Director

Karen Oakland, BS

Marketing Assistant

Shirley Campbell, PhD


Ashley Wilfong, MS


Sheryl Simon, MD, MLIS


Alfred Cecchetti, PhD

Information Technology Contractor

Fred Bryant, PhD

Psychometric Consultant

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