How to search HaPI on OVIDSP

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Searching HaPI Using OvidSP

Download “How To Use” Instructions for OvidSP

After logging into Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI) through your library, you will be presented with the main search screen as seen below:

Advanced Search:

The best way to search HaPI involves using the Advanced Search option from the main search page. There is no need to click anything because the Advanced Search field is already selected when logging into HaPI.

  1. Search for whatever term you want in the search box. (NOTE: You can search for your term in four different areas: Keyword, Author, Title, or Journal).
  2. Notice the Limits portion that will help narrow your search results (Full Text, English Language, etc.) and apply them when necessary.
  3. Click the blue Search button when you are ready to run the search.

An example is shown below of how to structure a search:


After running the search, you will be presented with a search results page as seen below:

After clicking “Display,” you will be presented with a list of records that give some initial information.

  • If you are not happy with the results, there are ways to further limit those results with the tools listed in a box that is next to the list of records. The tools box is shown below:

Viewing A Record:

Once finding a record that is of interest to you, click on its title and you will be presented with detailed information of that particular instrument’s record. An example of a full record is shown below:

The Behavioral Measurement Letters

The Behavioral Measurement Letter includes original invited articles by authors across diverse disciplines concerning a wide variety of measurement-related topics, including: Measurement problems and challenges Guidelines for selecting appropriate instruments in research and practice Strategies for instrument development and validation Historical overviews of specific measurement tools.

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