How to search HaPI on EBSCO

Searching HaPI using EBSCO

Download “How To Use” Instructions for EBSCO

Once you have successfully logged into Health and Psychosocial instruments (HaPI) through your library, a default advanced search screen will be displayed as shown below:

EBSCO advanced search employs a Boolean technique, which will allow you to combine words or phrases using the words AND, OR, and NOT to limit, widen, or better define your search parameters.

Anxiety AND depression yields BOTH terms in one record.
Anxiety OR Depression yields EITHER term in one record.
Anxiety NOT Depression yields the term Anxiety but EXCLUDES Depression in one record.

Note: If you wish to use a more general search to broaden the spectrum of your results, EBSCOhost also provides a basic search option.

Search Steps:

  1. Determine which term(s) you wish to search for. [Note: In addition to Boolean, EBSCO also allows you to search for all or any of the terms you choose to use].
  2. EBSCO provides the option to use limiters, which can be helpful for narrowing your search results. You may choose to narrow your results by defining a publication date, searching for a primary source, or even providing a specific journal name.
  3. Once you have set your search parameters, click the green search button.


Clicking the search button will provide you with a results page that EBSCO automatically saves for you.

  1. In the example we used the term “Anxiety” in the Title Field and “Spielberger” in the Author Field. This specific search will return instruments that are authored by Spielberger AND also contain the word “Anxiety” in the Title of the instrument.
  2. If you are unsatisfied with the given results, you may further limit your search using the left hand side bar. [Note: The subject limiter allows you to choice specific subject terms included in the result.]
  3. If you run multiple searches you can access them by clicking on “Search History.” Combining searches may also benefit your search result.

View Record of Interest:

Once you’ve found a search result that fits your criteria, click on the Instrument title link to view the full record of interest. Below is an example of a full record:

Interesting Information:

What is Boolean Search?

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